About Me

With over a decade of experience servicing and supporting Apple systems, I have had the opportunity to experience a broad range of users working with all types of systems and setups. Over the years I have been able to work not only as a consultant and technician but as a graphic designer, video editor, system administrator, programmer, quality assurance technician, webmaster, online marketing consultant, film maker, and an audio engineer.

My first job was with a company called Internet Publicity Services where a learned to do web design and manage online publicity campaigns for book publishers. The job required me to not only streamline workflows to increase efficiency but to automate processes for managing a large mailing list that was used for email new releases. Working with the somewhat rudimentary software that existed at the time, I was able to design an automated email workflow that was able to save the business both time and money allowing us to handle a higher workload than would normally be possible. I continued to work for IPS until they were acquired by an out of state corporation and relocated.

For the next few years I worked as the Chief Technician at a Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) called MACaid, where I would juggle the roles of technician, salesperson, manager, and tutor. I loved this job. I got to work with all types of people and solve a wide range of problems. This job forced me to become highly efficient at managing my time between multiple concurrent projects and rapidly adapting to a set of constantly changing priorities. Every day presented a new and unique challenge that had to be resolved wether it be an original technical issue or an unhappy customer. Through this experience, I learned a great deal about running a business, working with customers, repairing computers, and multitasking. I also learned a bit about myself in the process, that I thrive under pressure, and that frustration and impatience will only make things more difficult.

Next I worked for a time at a small office of the Allscripts corporation where I worked on streamlining the process of converting and cross-referencing medical journals into digital form and building cross-platform installer software using InstallShield and Mindvision Vise. I was also responsible for quality assurance for these products as well as assisting other QA personnel with major releases for their flagship Patient Education software. While I enjoyed working in a cross-platform environment, I slowly learned that working in a corporate cube farm was not for me, so I started my own business and haven't looked back since.

I am currently living in Seattle Washington and enjoy an active lifestyle of hiking, biking and swimming in this beautiful city. Since 2001, I have been doing consulting as the MacMaster and enjoy the freedom of working on a flexible schedule as well as being in a constantly changing environment with a diverse range of clients. Working in this field is immensely fulfilling, both personally and professionally and I feel fortunate to be able to do something that I love for a living.